Craig Stickland Releases Debut Album Starlit Afternoon

After a groundbreaking 2019 marked by packed shows, millions of streams, and widespread critical praise, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Craig Stickland, releases his highly anticipated debut album, Starlit Afternoon via 21Entertainment/Entertainment One (eOne) today. Listen to the album here.

Starlit Afternoon showcases the Los Angeles-based Canadian troubadour’s eloquent songcraft, emotional lyricism, and deft instrumentation. These twelve tracks trace a personal journey from the guitar-swept love-drunk sway of Starlit Afternoon all the way through the soulful closer Good Love. The most recent single, Break Every Rule, clocked over 1 million total streams thus far. Garnering acclaim, PopMatters referred to it as “impassioned and raw.


On the album, Craig comments, “I wrote my first song when I was 15 years old. Although it didn’t make it on this album, I remember exactly where I was and what I was feeling when I wrote it. The twelve songs that make up my debut album are no different. Some stretch decades and some stretch months, but they’re all drawn from very personal experiences. It took a few years to find the right sound for the songs that have lived in my head for what seems like forever, and it’s amazing that something that was created in a 400 square foot guest house is being released into the world. I hope you will relate to it in one way or another.”

Along with the album, Craig unveils the fifth instalment of his fan-favourite Van Session video series featuring an outdoor acoustic rendition of Starlit Afternoon. The Van Session comprises eight stripped-down performances he shot to accompany Starlit Afternoon. Powered only by solar energy from the van, he filmed in breathtaking hidden locales throughout California, including Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Alabama Hills, and Downtown Los Angeles. Total views on the series near 1 million across Burn It DownRolling RiverStop At Nothing, and Break Every Rule.

Written throughout a whirlwind tour in a self-converted sustainable Sprinter Van, he co-produced Starlit Afternoon, alongside Cat Lewis and Gray Hawken (Locals Only Sound), in Los Angeles during 2018. He Airbnb’ed his apartment, slept in his van outside the studio, and architected a 12-track opus, fusing blues, soul, rock, folk, gospel, and alternative.

Spend a Starlit Afternoon with Craig Stickland.


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