APXLLO Releases “We Up” Music Video

Up-and-coming multi-talented artist by the name of Chris Wilson ( Official Apxllo ) who is a midwest native who is quickly achieving high grounds In the music business. Moving to multiple cities as a child Apxllo acquired many musical experiences through his family’s deep musical background. After having a few street altercations Apxllo turned that energy to a life lesson story. Went from a knucklehead who was in – & out of the streets turned athlete now musicians. Once being well known as a basketball player out of Ohio until his career was snubbed short due to injury.

Soon after he unleashed his hidden musical talent and took it to Miami FL area where he began making music with multiple Floridian artist such as SmokePurppOMG Ronny J,  Gelato and producer every3k just to name a few. Since then Official Apxllo has Put together a strong business team & independent label called “WeUniversal Records” which he will be releasing his debut album “Above It All”. It has two highly anticipated singles first one titled “We Up” which is a major movie production style video filmed in Beverly Hills, CA has the radio-ready sound with urban cultured undertones giving the audience full hands-on views of lavish living or what most call the winning “lifestyle” theme. Also, another high energy song titled “Turn up” produced by multi-platinum producer OMG Ronny J is guaranteed to get the people moving with its heavy bass & melodic strings mixed with Official Apxllo’s fast melodic trap style rapping skills.

A single titled “Won’t Stop” features national recording artist SmokePurpp, giving the album a mix of gritty street gospel blend with melodic trap music which will be featured on Apxllo’s 1st debut album titled “Above It All” Coming 2020. Stay tuned for the rise of Apxllo, there’s more music in the works.


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