The Second After release new video/single “Daily Ritual”; announce new EP

Revival Recording’s pop-punk band The Second After continues their exciting decade with another new single and music video “Daily Ritual”, the last single to be released off new EP We Are Who We Are due April 17th. Out today, the single’s video explores general anxieties that many musicians often find themselves enveloped in.

The video explores feeling like the thoughts inside your head are never-ending, like you’re trapped in them, but having to push through for the sake of the band as a whole. We know many musicians struggle with mental health and it’s so easy to get stuck in your own head when you’re touring, but it’s important to remember that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: the fans.

“This song was inspired to me by watching as people close to me are controlled and torn down by the thoughts inside their own heads. It’s the worst thing in the world to see people you care about become crippled by their own self-doubt or anxiety on things. I battle my own as well, and it helped me realize the things that I tell myself are not always true. Everyone has their own demons that they battle.” – Michael Greason (vocals)

The Second After is a group of four genuine souls that pour their personal experiences into each unique piece of punk-based music. Their vibe of familiarity wraps listeners in a bear hug and reminds each one that life’s hardships are just a bump in the road. The Second After has rocketed off into 2020 with colorful flames behind them and this decade for Raleigh’s most cherished pop-punk band is already in full swing with three brand new singles and videos off their upcoming April EP We Are Who We Are. 

“Daily Ritual” was mixed by Seth Henderson (Real Friends, Knuckle Puck), mastered by Chris Krummet (Mayday Parade, Homesafe) and the music video was produced by Alex Zarek.                                             


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