Polaris Share “Mission Impossible”-Style “Landmine” Video — WATCH!

POLARIS will release their second studio album, The Death of Me, on February 21 via SharpTone Records. The band has just shared the Mission Impossible-style video for its heaviest song to date with “Landmine.”

“Landmine” is a song that faces that mid-20s realization that the universe doesn’t owe you anything and you’re going to have to fend for yourself.

“I think we all reach a point sometime in our late adolescence or early adulthood where we finally realize the world doesn’t just exist to serve us as individuals, and never did,” says drummer Daniel Furnari. “A realization that maybe you’re not as special and unique as you were made to feel as a kid — you’re not the star of everyone’s movie, only your own little life. Ultimately, no one else cares if you succeed or fail, and no one is going to keep picking you up and dusting you off and pointing you in the right direction when you screw up. ‘Landmine’ is a nihilistic, sarcastic celebration of accepting all of that.”

He adds, “This track was born from a handful of riffs that were programmed into a laptop on the plane trip over to Europe a little over a year ago, when we were about to start our tour with Architects. Initially, it was just an experiment to see what I could do with some new plug-ins I’d bought. But we added a couple more ideas to it throughout the tour, and when we got home and started expanding on those ideas, it became ‘Landmine.’ We were all pretty thirsty for something we could bang our heads to at that point, and what resulted was one of the heaviest tracks we’ve written to date.”
Mission Impossible-inspired video accompanies the song. “This music video was conceived by our good friend Chris Elder, who has worked on a couple of our videos in different roles,” Furnari shares. “This time though, as well as having him film, direct and produce, we really gave him the reigns creatively to a story unlike anything we’ve done in a video before. ‘Landmine’ is a destructive, violent, high-adrenaline track, and Elder’s concept really brought that to life with some good old fashioned action-blockbuster violence. It was ambitious, to say the least! This video shoot included an abandoned abattoir, which was kind of terrifying; an island location used in Mission Impossible II; and a qualified firearms supervisor. Yep, those are real blanks being fired. Honestly, I’m still baffled at some of the stuff we were able to capture on camera for this video!”Polaris are touring Europe this spring. Dates are here.





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