Montreals Le Couleur Share Title Track From Forthcoming Album “Concorde”

Montreal trio, Le Couleur, launch the title track for their forthcoming album, Concorde, set for release April 17 via Lisbon Lux Records. The song arrives with a stunning video. Watch Concorde here.

“I wanted to pay tribute to this mythical plane Concorde, by bringing it as a love break-up…These are the last moments of the plane, which remembers its memories, its image, its exploits,” says Laurence Giroux-Do. “Like the last discussion when you breakup, you remember our good times, trying everything to save the relationship but it ends and the name of this lover remains in our history, in our memory.”

The video was directed by Ariel Poupart in the group’s hometown of Montreal. He connected the track to the plane as a symbol, reflecting this in the imagery.

“Right after Le Couleur approached me for the project, I had a flash: I was going to pay homage to the plane Concorde, but in a symbolic way, by showing characters of all kinds, people in transit who are lost. They’re all looking for their destinations, whether it’s their soccer game, their all-inclusive hotel or their next flight. After the tragedy, they meet each other, stopped in time, their wandering souls cross without speaking, in limbo in forever.”

The Montreal trio, created by Laurence Giroux-Do (vocals), Patrick Gosselin (bass), and Steeven Chouinard (drums), and bolstered live by Philippe Beaudin (percussions) and Francis Do Monte (guitar, keyboards), delivers rich and irresistibly danceable performances.

Le Couleur polished their sound until it shined as bright as the late Studio 54’s spotlights with Eps, Voyage Love (2013) and Dolce Désir (2015), and then P.O.P. (2016), their critically acclaimed debut album.

Thanks to precious advice from Giorgio Moroder, with whom the band had the opportunity of sharing the stage, Le Couleur recorded their new album adopting a completely different approach.

Concorde takes its name from the legendary Franco-British airplane from 1965, nicknamed the “beautiful white bird” for its sleek and modern design. This avant-garde project that ended in tragedy has always held a certain fascination for Laurence Giroux-do; a deadly “crash” that inspired in her a sense of macabre sensuality.

In the album’s music we find vintage influences, recalling the faded charm of 70s erotica, warm tones also rooted in psychedelia, disco, yéyé, and French chanson.

Pre-order Concorde now, and keep an eye out for Le Couleur at SXSW in Austin, Texas next month – you can find more info here.


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