John DeMena Releases Crunching, Anthemic Album ‘Dreams and Lies’ – Album Streaming Now

Los Angeles rock artist John DeMena returns with his newest album Dreams and Lies. The eight–track release is a compelling piece of music featuring some of L.A. top studio musicians in an amalgam of stadium rock riffs, anthemic choruses, and haunting vocals that will resonate with both fans of modern and classic rock. Dreams and Lies tackles a unique side of rock, giving it a grandiose yet intimate taste. This is a collection of songs that grab the listener from the off via the stunning songwriting and masterful performance. Roaring guitars, intoxicating vocals, epic solos, hypnotic bass lines, and ethereal arrangements together with John’s honest and wonderfully atmospheric lyricism all permeate an album that captivates the listener from the first listen and beyond. John DeMena is an artist to be reckoned with and Dreams and Lies is an album that will capture the zeitgeist of the rock community.

Vocals & Guitars: John DeMena
Drums: Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper)
Bass: Pete Griffin (Steve Vai)
Keyboards: Matt Rohde (Jane’s Addiction)
Produced by John DeMena – Mastered by Dave Collins (Metallica)

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