Lloren Unleashes Liberating New Single ‘More’

As a long-time advocate for women empowerment and LGBTQ+ rights, Lloren has long sought to break down barriers and challenge popular pre-conceptions, as is the case with her new track, ‘More’.The single comes as a taster of what fans can expect at her solo dates early in 2020, as well as her planned arena slots later in the year.

More is track which challenges societal norm and celebrates women’s right to express their sexuality positively, without being judged negatively. Though women are often expected to dress or act in a certain way, especially in the entertainment industry, to actually celebrate their sexuality leads to accusations of either being a prude or a slut. More celebrates sexual freedom – the right to express yourself positively without discrimination or limiting choice.:

Lloren: “’More’ is about sexual liberation. Societal expectations can leave us feeling restricted in what we can say and how we can express ourselves sexually. With freedom comes judgement.

 ‘More’ is about sexual freedom, it’s about choice. Whether you choose to be a Beyoncé and use your own sexuality as a form of empowerment, or a Billie Eillish, who notoriously wears baggy clothes to avoid objectification, there is no right or wrong. 

‘More’ challenges the ideas that society set out for us, that we should be demure, that women can’t enjoy sex for sex that we should always want ‘more’ 

Having reached the final of The Voice UK, Lloren has reinvented herself in a darker more edgy style and has been touring the world and gaining more fans with every release. Of mixed Caribbean and Irish heritage and as a married woman identifying as LGBTQ+, Lloren has fought tirelessly to challenge ignorance at all levels of society.

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/thatgirllloren
Instagram: http://instagram.com/thatgirllloren/


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