Finnish-Canadian Rock Band Forth Releases Final ‘Prequel single’, “Waiting”

Forth is set to release the final single from a series of previously recorded material as a follow up to their critically acclaimed sophomore album, “Captivity”. Originally recorded in 2011 but saved for the right moment, Forth has been looking forward to sharing this classic hard rock-inspired ballad with the world.  The lyrics to “Waiting” were inspired when lead singer, Brian Forth first met his wife after a long string of bad relationships. “Waiting” was written during a time when the band featured a different line up with drummer Markus Hollmen and Tuomas Virta on bass, and even went by a different name, The Roc.  Nevertheless, this was still a formative track in Forth’s history, so they are releasing it now as a tribute to their fans who’ve been with them from the beginning.

Check “Waiting”:
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In this song, you hear the early inspiration of future Forth power ballads like the pensive, “Forgiveness Comes” or the similarly relationship-inspired ballad, “Never Alone”.  Big harmonies, piano and a string score round out the sound in this rock ballad that hits all the right notes for lovers of the genre. The cover art for “Waiting” was done by Ria Bäckström.

Forth is an international band and the rockers draw on diverse influences including Neil Young, Queen, Nirvana and Megadeth. Forth is fronted by singer-songwriter, Brian Forth from Toronto, currently living in Finland as a “love refugee”. Brian joins his Finnish band mates Tim Norrgrann (lead guitar), Mikael Söderbäck (bass) and Eric Von Hertzen (drums) in this high-octane rock quartet.


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