Dark Indie Soundscape Ensemble, OFFICER, Bring Us Disarming Ballad “Heavening (Watch Our Bottles)” From Forth Coming Album “Night Tennis”

“This song is something of quite breathtaking beauty and brokenness. It pulses with heart and humanity and takes you on the most subtly overwhelming and vulnerable journey. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to it now but I can’t stop putting it back to the start. It just lands with a sublime completeness on such a deep level.”
(Right Chord Music)

 Irish London-based, dark indie soundscape group, OFFICER, announce their new heartbreaker single, “Heavening (Watch Out Bottles)” from their forthcoming album NIGHT TENNIS, due out February 28, 2020. The album and its singles explore deeply personal experiences from the life of central songwriter and figure, DC Logan. It is awake with emotional intelligence and spans Irish folk, singer-songwriter, alt-country, soundscape, and electro influences to create a signature indie sound. This song is a marker of an album where Logan has managed to create something very unique that can actually be called his own sound, which is a rare enough experience these days that it’s a little shocking to come across.

This is a truly unique and enchanting love song overflowing with the guts and glory of real experiences of deepest commitment that carries you on a stunning journey of hurt, loss, redemption and hope: What happens after first love, when life throws everything including the kitchen sink at you and you have to come of age, grow up, get your hands dirty, commit yourself to the triumph and turmoil of a relationship? What happens when love demonstrates to you that you need to examine your heart and head and take on the war of changing from the inside out? There’s a real struggle with your own self and demons in this gorgeously melodic, organic vs mechanic, soundscape song, that features mobile phone recordings of waterfalls, London Underground tube trains, distant conversations, automated tannoy announcements, studio fumbles, night shelter cooking noises and door bells, and city snow blizzard winds.

Logan explains the new single’s inspiration: “It’s a song about having been brought to a place of being very lost from both yourself and the one you love, where you feel you’re totally on your knees. Where you feel the one you love is on their knees. Where you feel your relationship is on its knees. Where you’ve taken a lot of knocks and you’re wondering ‘Can I, can we, get back up again this time?’. It’s a song about being forgiven and forgiving… about hitting stop on the overwhelming mania of overworked city life, retreating to a peaceful place together, and choosing to work on things.”

There is a feeling that permeates the whole sound and lyric of the song as though there’s an exhausted yet exhilarating mustering happening of the tiny little fragments of what you have left and the making of a firm decision to build whatever good you can out of the ruins you find yourself in and re-committing to your love when it would be much easier and much more appealing to throw in the towel and walk away clutching some deeply flawed false idea of your own individual freedom or benefit in something, someone, somewhere new. You can hear a sense of choosing to grow and change together. Heavening is a song about love made out of the most bruised, tough and ultimately true and joyful stuff that transports you to a kind of heaven place via hell within the confessional throws of a very earthly relationship. We can only hope and pray this is a sure signal of what’s to come on this new February 2020 album from OFFICER.”

NIGHT TENNIS is the much-anticipated sophomore album from the critically-acclaimed project, OFFICER. The band won RCM Artist Of The Year among other blogosphere adulations following the release of his ‘immersive, widescreen, intelligent and moving, debut album, MYRIADS, and the ‘magical pin-drop live performances’ of his subsequent solo tours in 2016-19. So, in the nicest possible way – Get Lost! …in this gripping new offering from this gentleman of the North Coast due for release on Friday 28th February 2020.

Find OFFICER Online:

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