Eileen Carey Kick Starts the New Year with Stop Motion Music Video for “Finally”!

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Eileen Carey unleashed her latest romantic single “Finally” in November and follows it up with her breathtaking music video, premiered January 6th, 2020 on This Is The Latest. In creating the music video, Eileen Carey worked alongside her longtime collaborator producer-director Taner Tumkaya. Depicting a journey towards love, the stop motion animated music video is timeless and captivating.

With her single “Finally”, Eileen Carey amplifies those emotions we can’t describe with crystal clarity. “Strong emotions sometimes cry out for strong language,” Carey asserts. “These lyrics state in the plainest possible way what we feel but may be hesitant to say.” “Finally” also follows the international success of her chart-topping single “Meet Me Halfway”, released in May 2019. Both singles continue with Carey’s positive, uplifting musical style as well as her trademark take on love.

Currently, Eileen Carey is excited to share her vision for her single “Finally” with the official music video release. To continue through music, she will also be dazzling on stage with her band alongside Jefferson Starship on February 6th, at The Rose. Be sure to check out her social media for all details on her upcoming performance.



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