Ky. Releases ‘Gravitate’ Single

Raining from pop and RnB influences, Gravitate, the debut track from Ky., voices the struggle of moving on from a broken relationship. This bouncy, synth-driven track explores the rawness and attraction of a previous romance.

“So, tell me when you’re drunk why do you gravitate to me?” 

Gravitate is about what happens after a strong relationship ends; emphasizing the struggle of cutting off all ties with that person. Hurting each other over and over again, just to end up at the same broken spot.

“Why we going back to where it all started just to get broken again?” 

Everyone knows that moving on can difficult and when you let your guard down, impulse and habit can take over. We are human and sometimes we make decisions that we shouldn’t. That is what the song is really about.

‘This is probably the first song I’ve written where I am telling such a close-to-heart story. Gravitate really gives people a glimpse into an experience of mine in a such a raw way; it’s kind of daunting. In saying that, I think the message is something that a lot of people struggle with. If you have been through something like this with an ex, sing it loud.’ – Ky.

From the age of fourteen, Ky. (Kyle Bryant) has been performing in bars and festivals around Queensland and NSW, such as Island Vibe and the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Now ready to launch his own career, Gravitate was written by Ky. and recorded at DoubleOne Productions, a studio in Brisbane operated by Kevin Browne. Kevin also produced, mixed and mastered the track alongside Ky..

Ky. is continuing to write and record his music, promising there are more tracks already on the way. “This is only the start of what I have to offer” he exclaims. “I want to combine all of my favourite sounds and genres to push the boundaries of my own music. If I can do that, I will have done what I set out to do.”

‘Gravitate’ is available now in digital stores. 



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