Have A Very Merry “Emo Christmas” with Pop-Punk Band Tug of War Machine

The holidays bring cheer but sometimes also bring loneliness, a perfectly normal and common feeling as pop-punk band Tug of War Machine displays in their goofy new single and video. With the arrival of the holiday season, Tug of War Machine has resurrected “Emo Christmas”, a polished up version of an oldie but goodie unofficially released by Carpet Ride in 2011 for fans of early Blink-182. Wearing cheesy Christmas sweaters and surrounded by holiday decorations, the band is joined by Christmas carolers and the feeling that Santa can’t bring you what you really want.
“For anybody missing somebody on/around the holidays, this is for you…not everyone is keen on pop-punk, however, everyone loves Christmas. Sappy Holidays!” – vocalist Josh  Barnhard

Following this single, Tug of War Machine will be playing a holiday-themed show Tuesday, Dec 17 with a special performance from Reggie at the Full Effect at The Clubhouse of Toms River, as well as recording debut full-length album Child Like Symptoms (summer 2020). Get tickets here!

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