Danish Pop Artist Nanna Øland Fabricius, Better Known as Oh Land, Has Just Released Her New Holiday Song, “Wishes”.

Photo by Shervin Lainez

 “I love the magic feeling around Christmas time where everyone seems to agree that glitter is a great idea!” laughs Oh Land. “I wanted to write a song that sonically got me in the right mood but also had a message that is true to my reality — which is that time seems to be the one thing that’s most desirable and hardest to achieve enough of. We live in an efficiency culture where more is better and it’s very easy to end up working yourself out of your relationships. This song is a reminder to make time for the people that actually makes your life truly valuable. That time is irreplaceable, and therefore our biggest gift.”

In other Oh Land news, Nanna also spent the summer composing the score for an upcoming production of H.C. Andersen’s “SNEDRONNINGEN” that will premiere at Tivoli on December 1. The production also features costumes and decorations by HM Queen Margrethe, with choreography from the award-winning Yuri Possokhov. 

Oh Land’s latest full-length album, Family Tree, was released in May 2019. Produced by Thomas Bartlett (St. Vincent, Florence & the Machine, The National), the album is Oh Land’s most intimate and personal work to date. She also released Replanting Family Tree (EP) in September, featuring 4 songs from Family Tree reimagined by up and coming artist and producer Arthur Moon, along with one B-Side from Family Tree.

Oh Land also composes music for film, theater, and the classical music world, playing with Lang Lang and Joshua Bell at Carnegie Hall in New York City, and orchestrating concerts for the Danish Symphony Orchestra in her native country of Denmark. She has also collaborated with the Queen of Denmark, creating the ballet “Askepot” for the Danish Theatre in 2016, and is working on another ballet with the Queen which will debut in December. She also creates music for film and TV, and recently reimagined the Danish National Anthem as a dark, dystopian theme song for the new Netflix sci-fi hit “The Rain”.

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