Rising Pop Artist Bantey Releases New Single

Producer, songwriter, and performer Bantey has been making a name for himself for years with his signature brand of afro-beat. Mixing in elements of hip-hop, soul, and jazz, he creates music that is equal parts hypnotic and up-lifting. Now he is releasing his new single, “Thank You,” a live performance of a celebratory composition that will endear him to new fans around the world.

“Thank You” showcases everything that Bantey does best. As always, the rhythm section is top notch, locked into a solid groove that never wavers as the horn section provides an impossibly catchy hook.

There is a pure party vibe, with vocal chants intertwining with high life guitar solos, giving the song a real sense of community. Once the band gets started they never slow down, providing a full seven minutes of excitement.

Bantey’s gift is his ability to take a unique genre and give it a universal flavor that will appeal to music lovers all over. With “Thank You,” he and his all star cast of musicians have put together a performance capable of making people forget their differences, come together and dance.

“Thank You” is available on all streaming platforms.


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