Exclusive : KaiL Baxley “Bones” Single + New LP (Tom Sarig/Anti-Fragile Music)

Today, Singer-Songwriter KaiL Baxley shares “Beneath The Bones”. The NPR album of the year nominated artist is back with his raw passionate sound. After the success of his previous single, “These Arms Are Open” Baxley shines once again in his ability to overcome life’s greatest obstacles. Through serene soundscapes, his vocals meld into the calming track tackling remorse.

“It’s an autobiographical song about learning how to live with regret.The process of moving on and letting go. The acknowledgment that there are no perfect answers and that sometimes what is, is simply what it is because it is.”

“Beneath The Bones” is the first single off of his upcoming third LP out early 2020. The self-produced album was recorded at the late Elliot Smith’s New Monkey Studios and United Studios in Los Angeles, California.

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