Chris Marsol Releases “Blue Light Screen”

The San Francisco native maintains his signature intersection of pop, rock and R&B with his new single “Blue Light Screen.” The song is about the loneliness and numbness we feel from the things we use to separate ourselves from each other. A self-imposed isolation, when all we really want is genuine connection. Though the song is about isolation, upbeat pulses and sexy ambient grooves takes the edge off the melancholia.

In the early 2000s, Marsol’s signature voice caught the attention of Interscope/Universal Records Executives, one of whom decided to take Chris under his wing and co-manage the budding artist. Steered by management into a more traditional R&B direction and with several major label meetings lined up, Chris made the unexpected decision to abruptly part-ways with his team to follow his inner muse of alternative rock, pop and soul.

Chris re-tooled his sound into a seamless blend of rock, soul and electronic soundscapes on his debut album Rockit Science in 2005. The album saw Chris opening up for acts like The Roots and Lyrics Born and won him critical acclaim and press accolades, eventually catching the attention of the record label Heiro-Emporium (Heiroglyphics, Souls of Mischief). In 2010, the label released Chris’s second full-length LP Butterflies Lipstick & Hand Grenades, whose lead single “3 in the Morning” received national and international airplay.

  In his latest self-produced effort,  Marsol writes from the perspective of a man on the outside looking in.  Blue Light Screen is about not being able to touch or truly be touched.


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