Live Coverage: The Mavericks Bringing Everyone Up on Canadian Tour

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Review and Photo Credit Crystal Lee 

The Mavericks brought the fun and a much-needed break to Kelowna last night to a full theater as part of their 30th Anniversary World Tour. Kelowna was blessed to be their first stop on their Canadian leg of the tour.

I remember the first time I heard the Mavericks, I was in my teens and it was to “All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down”. Like a sign, it came on the radio with a boyfriend break up for me at that time. I felt bad because of nothing more than breaking up. It was because all he did was bring me down. I danced around that kitchen doing dishes. Then after that my mother constantly played that song any day she was down over, over and over. No matter what was going it got you upbeat once again plus it was not my mother playing Cher; you have no clue the blessing that was. With 30 years under their belt I heard so many stories like mine from all ages while waiting for them to come. It was nothing but good memories for people.

The Mavericks are around because they are talented in every aspect. The reason why bands that have been around a long time have spectacular live shows is very simple – age. As you age and I speak from my experience is that you become more free and relaxed.  My body is crawling towards that forty-year-old mark and have not felt better in my life emotionally. The older fans were having a blast and were fully free with zero cares while younger ones were a little more reserved. One older lady even changed her shirt to a Mavericks shirt right in the theater before the show and no care of who saw what!

I won’t say this band did not have the trials and bumps in the road, they have! But with the 30th Anniversary being a celebration there is no point of looking back as Raul Malo of the band puts it  “I’m not one to look back, I never have been. I always want to move forward with our music and look to the future, and our fans want that too”.

The Mavericks blew the crowd away with every movement being on point,  vocals and band playing without flaw and most of all they were having a blast on stage. You will get to see brass blasting, accordion player who makes playing the accordion cool. Then you have a guitarist and keys in their own worlds along with percussion and bass lines taking there turn in the spotlight. Everyone was highlighted at one time or another with this full stage of musicians.  I recommend grabbing a ticket to see the Mavericks on their Canadian Tour even if you have never heard them. Though I highly doubt you would not recognize one or more songs.  It s a night of good music, fun and drama free. Along with all that they are not just one genre, with a mix of country, rock, Tejano, Latin etc. with a mix of old and new releases from the band.  All your stress will go away with this show so turn the TV off and grab a ticket. Tour dates can be found here.



10/19 – RED DEER, AB – Memorial Centre
10/21 – SASKATOON, SK – TCU Place
10/22 – WINNIPEG, MB – Burton Cummings Theatre
10/24 – SAULT STE MARIE, ON – Sault Community Theatre
10/26 – OTTAWA, ON – Meridian Theatres at Centerpoint
10/27 – LONDON, ON – Centennial Hall
10/28 – KITCHENER, ON – Centre in the Square
10/30 – TORONTO, ON – Danforth Music Hall
10/31 – TARRYTOWN, NY – Tarrytown Music Hall
11/1 – TARRYTOWN, NY – Tarrytown Music Hall
11/2 – TARRYTOWN, NY – Tarrytown Music Hall
11/8 – NEW BRAUNFELS, TX –  Gruene Hall
11/9 – NEW BRAUNFELS, TX – Gruene Hall
11/10 – NEW BRAUNFELS, TX – Gruene Hall


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