Mortiis: “A Violent Dream” – From The Vaults Albums, Part 1

“Doppelganger” is the first in a series of albums chronicling some of the work as it painfully staggered towards completion.

These albums are a collective of unreleased demos and recordings from the ”the great deceiver” and “perfectly defect” recording sessions, an album whose creation was frought with inner turmoil, mental health issues, and personal drama, to the point where it left the band wrecked, with no record deal, no management, no agents, and virtually no members. Havard and Levi were effectively the only people left from the old gang, and both were on the verge of cracking up, and jumping ship as well…

”A Violent Dream” – A ‘from the vaults’ album series of demos and unreleased recordings. Part 1 ‘Doppelganger’ available for digital preorder now. 7 songs, of which several are unreleased and unheard demos and versions.

Available digitally right now, and in physical format in early 2020.

Digital Preorders:

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Mortiis Fall Shows

Mortiis will be performing a series of Era 1 based shows this fall:
October 19: Copenhagen. Denmark:.Event Page. Tickets.
October 26: Lodz, Poland. Dark Rapture Festival. Tickets.
October 27: Krakow, Poland. Event PageTickets.