Flashback Friday: JayQ “Body Talk” Music Video

Former US Marine coming to from New Orleans, JayQ seamlessly combines hip-hop and pop to make music that embraces the joys and pains of life. His authentic, raw style, combined with his deep, sensual vocals, commands and focuses your attention; the enigma, however, that is JayQ, draws you in deep, implores you to explore and move with him.
The new hit single “Body Talk” was co-written by himself and Grammy Winner Soko7 (Drunk In Love, Beyonce and Jay-Z). His debut EP will be released in NYC on June 15th. . The soul-filled body of work captures the essence and realness of classic relationship woes. “Body Talk” brilliantly articulates the sexual tension that exists within a passion-filled argument with one’s lover; it gives a fresh, new look at the struggles lovers have, the need to strive for mutual respect, and the importance of not exacerbating negativity by empowering “Body Language Talk”.

Strongly influenced by Michael Jackson and Tupac, JayQ performs with a flair of soul and rap. From an early age, he sang in his church choir, which not only honed his vocal abilities but also enriched his performance skills. Being from a city that incorporates eccentric and theatrical elements into performances, JayQ instinctively commands attention whenever he takes the stage or even hits the local coffee shop. Fiercely creative, an accomplished poet and lyricist, JayQ always pushes his art to new depths and levels of mindfulness.

JayQ will be touring the United States beginning Summer 2019, after kicking off his “Body Talk” release at the Midem music festival and the BreakOut Music Yacht Concert in Cannes, France. His exponentially growing global appeal is fueled by his raw, passionate, masculine vibe and the driving beat of his music; both of which travel effortlessly across borders and languages. While he considers sleep to be his superpower, given his hectic schedule, the creative genius might find rest, but one thing is certain, JayQ will never be slept on.

Awesome Director Ben Griffin http://www.prime-zero.com/bengriffin
Get Body Talk on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/45tPO…
Laugh at Dexter Feat. JayQ The Legend Body Talk at: https://youtu.be/zYrNCmuWAj0
Instagram: @JayQTheLegend Twitter @JayQTheLegend


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