Kill Chicago Release New Song “Show Me”

The new song, “Show Me,” grew out of a campfire argument with a group of Baby Boomers about the problem with our generation of millennials. Despite following all of their advice, we still landed flat. They lacked financial security, health plans and pensions. As a result, they are waiting longer to have children, to settle down in any way. What was left is unstable, delayed adulthood.

Hear the first single from our forthcoming new album, The Fix, on Spotify // SoundCloud.

They produced the new record (set for release on November 8th) with Brad Perry and Evan Hansen at The Recordery in Fredericton, NB. This is the second time they’ve worked together so we were able to avoid all of the first date jitters and speak openly with each other. Kill Chicago laid down the bed tracks simultaneously while in the same room, which really brought a live energy to the recording process. There were a couple of interruptions for babies to be born. Drummer Zach had his second child, a son named Noah, and Evan had his third child, a son named Cooper.

“Show Me” took a complete 180 to what we had initially imagined. Sometimes those songs end up being your very best. We’re definitely proud of what we’ve accomplished here and hope you like what you hear!

Stay tuned for more new music from us very soon –


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