Former Front-woman of the Balconies Jacquie Neville Release New Solo Single “Lead the Way

Today, former front-woman of the Balconies, Jacquie Neville, debuts her first single as a solo artist – Lead The Way. Recorded with dear friend and former bandmate, Liam Jaeger, Lead The Way is an optimistic and energetic song about paving your own path and staying focused on what is most important to you. Listen to the track and have a look at the lyric video here.

“I’ve gone through a lot of life changes in the past three years – all of which have been filled with many ups and downs,” reflects Neville. “I choose to focus on the ways these different experiences have enriched my life and changed it for the better. Lead the Way centralizes around the idea of not dwelling in the past, rather seeing it as another chapter in your story that has led you to where you are now and where you’re heading. I was initially inspired to write this song for my fiancé and his two kids who have drastically altered my perspective on life.

Liam engineered and co-produced the song with me in July. We really wanted to capture a playful and light-hearted energy with some room for spontaneity in the recording; although we were planning on getting several takes for the vocals, we recorded the scratch and upon listening to it, we realized that that was the one. We didn’t want to focus our energy on tweaking, manipulating and making things sound perfect. We wanted everything to just sound like…me.”

The Ottawa native singer/songwriter/guitarist has had her music featured in international film, television and commercials, and has toured across North America and Europe for over a decade. Although she embarks on a new project, she is a veteran and no stranger to the industry. This new chapter boasts a more intimate, reflective and sensitive side where she explores vulnerability in her performances, arrangements and storytelling. Channeling inspiration from Niko Case, Courtney Barnett, Bruce Springsteen and Nick Cave, Neville delves deeply into personal themes ranging from shitty jobs, uprooting your life, love gone sour, finding new love and self-discovery.

Stay tuned for more from Jacquie Neville coming in the new year!


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