Urban-Tinged Pop-Noir Van Alden Releases Self Titled Album

Van Alden, the deep, pop-noir music project of Los Angeles-based artist and clothing designer, Paul Abrahamian, announces his self-titled debut. Van Alden is a strong showing of a fully-modern singer-songwriter, bent on expressing life’s more intense and complicated emotions from loss, memory, to freedom despite the pain. The dark, moody, and synth-heavy sounds make the record feel like a lonely 3 AM smoke on a rooftop in L.A.

The sonic palette of the record is a mixture of many of the band’s influences, such as James Blake, The Neighborhood, Bon Iver, Chet Faker, and Caribou. This wide range of inspirations push genre-blurring to the max and result in an edgy, dark energy that pervades the record.

Abrahamian garnered the public’s eye with his appearance on two seasons of CBS’s hit series, Big Brother. The new record serves as a juxtaposition of the perceived idea of Abrahamian as a reality star” to his identity as a music artist, allowing established and new fans to see another side of his personality, artistry and energy that translate into an undeniable live show. Tracks like “Otherside,” “Boheme,” and “Never Die” are cinematic, living in their own all-encompassing world into which listeners are instantly pulled. Those who only know Abrahamian from his time on reality television, will be pleasantly surprised by the artistry displayed by Van Alden.

Van Alden is set to perform live throughout the Fall, including 11/28 at Subterranean (Chicago), 11/29 at Arlene’s Grocery (NYC), 12/7 at Union (Los Angeles), and more to be announced. Stay tuned for new material and news from Van Alden and follow him online:



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