Melissa Etheridge the Storyteller Plays the Classics in The Prairie Heat

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Melissa Etheridge at Winspear Centre in Edmonton, on July 12, 2018
Photo Credit: Heiko Ryll via Vandala Magazine

It was a hot night on the prairies and the construction could not keep the crowd away from an evening with Melissa Etheridge at the Winspear Centre in Edmonton. An incredible story teller who’s songs come from her experiences, she entertained the crowd from her extensive library of hit songs. The show was masterfully crafted to build to a crescendo that culminated with a 15 minute version of Like The Way You Do.
The one negative of the night was the size of the crowd. It could have been the weather or the fact that our downtown is almost fully under construction. Regardless, we were in the presence of an master last night who had the crowd singing along and reliving their own experiences to her masterly crafted songs.

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