WNY Rockers OVTLIER Share Live Music Video for “Broken Bones”

Hailing out of WNY, OVTLIER present a new wave of anthemic heavy rock/metal hits with their brand new debut EP, “What Doesn’t Kill You”, that encapsulates the story of a personal journey of self-discovery amidst harsh realities and challenging experiences.

From hard-hitting looks into opioid abuse, as seen in the graphic video for “Set The World In Flames” to heart-wrenching tales in “Buried Me Alive“, OVTLIER have returned with a live-shot music video taken from their hometown show at Montage Music Hall in Rochester, NY during their recent tour with Ice Nine Kills, The Plot in You and Dayseeker.

Founding member & vocalist Joey Arena shares the story behind the song stating: “‘Broken Bones” is about respecting the journey while pursuing a dream. Taking pride in your accomplishments and respecting the struggles. Living my life and not for anybody else. Keeping any hate and negativity in the past and progressing in a quest. A song that states, “I’m not going anywhere” no matter what stones anyone may throw. After many hours of writing and scrapping material, “Broken Bones” was the first track we decided will make the cut for the record.



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