Tatiana DeMaria Releases Hi-Contrast Visuals for “London Don’t Lie”, on Warped Tour Now

Photo: Kyle Murphy

After unleashing a soulful anthem by the name of “London Don’t Die,” Tatiana DeMaria is now releasing the accompanying visuals for the track – a high-contrast take on her signature energetic and captivating live performance.

The track’s blend of synthetic and organic sound is a perfect meeting point between the spirit of the more rock-driven songs of TAT and the unique, genre-bending style she’s developed over the years, bringing forward perhaps her most pop-R&B feeling material yet.

From the teen on stage who opened for Alice Cooper and The Offspring to the woman whose music is rich with life and career experiences, Tatiana DeMaria is now stepping forward to release her first solo material. Her upcoming solo EP moves across the the spectrum of rock, pop, and R&B, pairing some ruthless honesty with explosive choruses and deep, colorful production. The result is a sound utterly unique in today’s “anything-goes” pop landscape.

Fans can hear “London Don’t Lie,” her previous single “What It Is About You,” and a preview of what is to come this summer on the remaining Warped Tour dates – Tatiana will be joining the final caravan for the dates listed below.


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