Out Now: KiSMiT – Cosmic Love EP

LA-based pop-funk indie duo KiSMiT are thrilled to release their debut EP Cosmic Love, today. Cosmic Love is a five-song collection as colorful and vibrant as the artwork which accompanies it. Celebmix premiered the EP on Thursday, and ran a track-by-track review that hailed the rich variety of the record, noting the “hypnotic… funky beats”, “flair and creativity”, and “captivating lyrics”.

Cosmic Love is the meeting point of Carly Barnette’s spunky spirit and Baz King’s grounded groove. Their natures are yin to yang but this EP is the result of their playful exploration into finding their balance. This body of work encompasses a year and a half of writing days and studio nights, dreaming, scheming and tag teaming music videos, and vivacious performances in which the songs were brought to life with the help of an energetic audience.

Previous singles leading up to the EP release, Cosmic Love and Panther were potent and vivid statements of the duo’s intent. Impose Magazine called the duo “A shot of vitality… Baz King has mastered Funk guitar and Barnette owns her vocals”, while Gems & Secrets raved on how the duo “expertly blends elements of funk and R&B throughout”. The final pre-release taste of the EP came in the form of the Every Shade of You video,. a tender, paint covered art piece that showcased KiSMiT’s deep chemistry and connection.

In keeping with their down-to-earth characters, KiSMiT are celebrating their EP release with an intimate backyard show in Silverlake, California on May 12th.

The show takes place at 536 Commonwealth Ave, with doors opening at 7.30pm. Support will be provided by LUCI and Amanda Spinella

Tix and further information here.

KiSMiT Online



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