Hurt Parade – ‘Tuesday’ Single & Video

Hurt Parade is an electronic, indie pop trio from Wollongong, Australia. Hurt Parade bring together a unique and captivating blend of electronic pop with catchy vocal hooks, synths and hard-hitting bass.

Tuesday is a cool blend of brooding synthesizers, analogue drums, topped off with dreamy vocals. The song’s vibe stems form the trio’s love of summer, the beach, experiencing different places and the nostalgia associated with it.

The band is collaboration between members Joshua Pinkerton, Elizabeth (Liz) Christodoulou and Chris Blevin. Each member has a unique musical background, and it is because of this that Hurt Parade’s sound is quite distinct.

Tuesday was written, produced and recorded by Josh, Liz and Chris in one afternoon. The song is called Tuesday as that was the day they created the track. Tuesday is a collaborative effort by all three members, each contributing their own style and input into the creation of the track. The track was recorded in the luxury of their own home studio with lyrics created on the spot and one vocal take.

“After years of knowing each other, we all decided it was time to finally work together and produce some tunes. Our love, passion, drive and dedication to music is shown through our first single Tuesday, it only took a few hours to write which is pretty cool. We’re definitely looking forward to releasing more tunes, there’s nothing else we’d rather do then produce music that we love and hopefully that everyone else will too.” – Hurt Parade

With Josh’s previous experience producing and composing for film and television (Logan, Orphan Black, Dark Matter), he brings a moody cinematic vibe to the trio’s sound. Liz uses her passion and expertise in lyric writing and creating catchy vocal melodies to contribute to the light and shade of their tracks. While Chris employs his skills as an accomplished pianist to create memorable riffs and soaring synth lines.

Available on all digital stores here


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