Rich Girls Share “Wayne” On All Things Go | Debut LP ‘Black City’ Out 4/6 Via Tricycle Records

Photo credit: Luisa Black

Garage/art rock trio Rich Girls share their new track, “Wayne,” the second single off their forthcoming debut full-length release, Black City. All Things Go exclusively premiered the track, writing, “It dances close to the wide line between shoegaze and alternative and narrows it with each step. It feels like a call for understanding, though not in the loving plea form that we’re accustomed to.” The 405 premiered lead single “Hit,” praising that it’s, “simply a beautiful song. And, according to Black, it was the result of freeing herself of her typical songwriting limitations.” The album was recorded by Travis Harrison at Serious Business, Brooklyn and Sean Beresford at Blighty Sound, San Francisco. It was mastered by John Greenham at Infrasonic. Black City is due out April 6th via Tricycle Records.

Rich Girls return with a heady new pop sound and nine songs that pull their minimal garage into ambitious new territory. Songwriter Luisa Black unveils a new sonic toolkit, adding vintage synths, dark marimbas and ambitious melodies to the trademark Rich Girls verbed-out sound. The songs are awash in contrasts, veering between aggression and tenderness with lyrics about insurrection (“In the Street”), a power ballad about post-addiction love (“Wayne”) and the band’s biggest departure yet, a slurry synth-driven track set to a motorik beat (“Hit”). Black channels the zeitgeist of heartbreak in “Blood Brother,” a garage rock obit for America. Since their early releases, Rich Girls have pushed against genre, taking a raw garage sound and pulling it into art pop territory. Here Luisa Black’s complex sensibilities are on full display, with an album that swings hard between pop melody and punk rage. Black City is the first full-length from the NYC trio.

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03.24 – Berlin – New York, NY


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