Elisa Kate – ‘Promise Me’ Single

The dreamy pop piano invitations of Elisa Kate captivate you with that skin deep smoky vocal tone. The warmhearted farm girl strips away the clutter, summoning your soul to awaken.

Bursting onto the pop scene with a USA tour and a feature on New York radio with her 2015 EP release To The Sky (iTunes), Elisa Kate’s new single Promise Me is set to erupt on February 23.

Sitting beneath the warm indie pop vibes, the engaging piano melody propels the driving pulse forward, with the strong reassuring movement projecting the unforgettable chorus into your heart. Promise Me delivers an honest reflection on how easily life can accumulate.

The song explores an uncanny freedom found in releasing unnecessary things from our lives, returning to whats most important. Elisa Kate contemplates, “We surround ourselves with so many “things”, and sometimes it takes losing it all for us to find clarity within. In those sobering moments, I find myself listening more intently to the unshakable voice that was there all along, crowded out.”

Engineered and produced by S&M Production’s Matt McLaren, in conjunction with top Sydney Producer Andrew Kerridge, Promise Me draws you deeper with it’s lyrical intimacy woven into the spacious layers of strings, vocal delay and breathy harmonies.

A small town dreamer with a 100 year old piano, Elisa Kate was told she couldn’t sing. Little did they know, this only ignited her passion for defying the odds and achieving her dreams.

Inspired by her two favourite Johns, Mayer and Foreman (Switchfoot), Elisa Kate combines her freelance piano style, with her frustration over meaningless pop music, creating an infusion of chilled, catchy melodies, filled with hope.

Promise Me will be available on iTunes and all good digital stores from February 23. Follow Elisa Kate on social media for all the latest, and you’ll be hooked.



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