SNEAK PEEK: This Is What Influential Hip-Hop Sounds Like! An Interview with Madd Maxxx


Are you craving lyrical hip-hop that may leave you in a musical coma (but still smiling ear to ear) upon first hitting play? Then the east-coast emcee Madd Maxxx is exactly what you’re looking for! For over ten years this cat has slayed beats like a Kakuranger slaying Yōkai Phantoms. His lyrics may dive straight into the depths of pure darkness but is also capable of breathing new life into the minds of music fans worldwide thanks to Maxxx’s unique, truthful descriptive wordplay. He holds nothing back! Since ripping it up on the mic this unsigned Tri-State Sick-Hop artist has released over seven records (solo and group projects), garnered thousands of cult status fans, was personally invited to record within Psychopathic Records very own Lotus Pod, murdered the Red Moon Stage during The Gathering of the Juggalos, placed first in JR The Beat Dealers “Kill The Beat” contest, and is capable of pulling thousands upon thousands of views via Youtube. Mr. Maxx’s latest LP “Where Thx Wxld Thxngs Are” is the type of record that is guaranteed to keep hip-hop lovers headbanging from sunrise to sunset! Here is a Vandala Magazine exclusive preview interview with Madd Maxxx.

By Chad Thomas Carsten

You’ve been an established emcee for over ten years! What would you say is your greatest accomplishment thus far?

Madd Maxxx: That’s tricky. Honestly, at this point, I would say getting “Where Thx Wxld Thxngs Are” made pretty much all by myself because it was the first album I ever put together with no help. I had support with resources for just about every other album I ever made. There have been some decent shows I’ve played in the past but it was never on my own steam, I’m working on making that happen more this coming year.

Which horror movie villain describes your personality the most?

Madd Maxxx: Hannibal Lecter probably, aside from his ridiculous origin story that needs to be redacted. Before that came out, he was just an intensely educated psychopath with no real motive. He hurt people because he could see to the core of humanity and he knew what a savage thing it really is, that’s what I think anyway. Moreover, I think eating people was just a way of showing his class amongst the insanity because if you recall during several different instances during the series he was very passionate about food even if it wasn’t a person he was eating. That’s how I like to think of myself, cultured and crazy.

How did growing up within the Tri-State area influence your rhyme schemes?

Madd Maxxx: Well, being born in Manhattan around the same time as hip-hop itself certainly didn’t hurt. To be honest where I lived didn’t ever really play into my rhyme scheme because I was always listening to so many different kinds of music through Kazaa and Limewire. Living in the New York/New Jersey area only meant that if I was gonna rap I had to be dope and I had to know how to spit a punch line. Aside from that I never really subscribed to “regional flow styles”, it’s just a way of boxing yourself in.

Are you able to share the feelings that emerged inside of you when you first held a microphone in the palm of your hands?

Madd Maxxx: I mean, the first time I ever rapped on stage was kind of underwhelming but the first time I ever was in front of a real crowd cheering for me?! That was the moment it all fell into place and I knew for sure this was what I was going to spend the rest of my life doing.



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