New Teen Breakout Artist Hawley Pen Hits The Charts!

Three Strikes, is the first on Black & White Records and is currently hit #30 in the charts!

There’s something special in the music of California’s newest breakout starlet HAWLEY PEN and the music industry buzz is building. Hawley is quickly gaining attention with her upbeat pop sound that sparks real positivity along with insightfulness geared at today’s music loving younger demographic. She has a classic yet unique sound which allows her to vocally reach an incredible range of notes that add a certain beauty to every song she puts her heart to.

Hawley’s newest song “THREE STRIKES” carries this really cool baseball undertone to it while the lyrics coincide in keeping the theme playful yet intelligently strong. Any teenager female or male will find themselves bobbing their head along to this as their new favorite sing-a-long track. It’s primed to be racing up the charts as one of the year’s anticipated summer anthems.

Just imagine those summer car rides with the windows as a carload full of teens celebrate their warm weather vacation. Three Strikes is being release by Black & White Records and was produced by Michael C. Ross. The song has all the pieces to really succeed this year with all the key elements in place. Notably this isn’t the young teen’s first music track, she has previously released two well received singles entitled “PERFECT” and “SEIZE THE MOMENT”.

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