MAARI’s ‘HeartBreaker’ Single is Out Now

A whirlwind of Indie Pop, Rnb and Future Bass influences combine with unapologetic, raw lyrics and powerful synths to create the wall of sound that is Maari.

HeartBreaker blurs the lines between music for the heart and music for the dance floor. The single showcases their appreciation of ambient verses, powerful choruses and unforgettable melodies. With an emotionally charged vocal performance and a harmonic and rhythmic intricacy, Maari gives another highly dynamic performance, leaving their mark on any listener.

‘At first listen, HeartBreaker comes across as a powerful declaration of independence and sexuality… but the song is littered with confessions of pain, loss and insecurity. We wanted to create an erratic fusion of aggression and vulnerability, which is accentuated in the intense highs and lows of the production.’ – Maari

HeartBreaker was self produced and recorded in the duo’s home studio, which they dub ‘The Maari Kitchen.’ During the mixing stages, Bronte Maree and Kabusii worked closely with Sydney engineer Saul Santilli at Santilli Studios who then forwarded the track for mastering to New York producer Joe Laporta of Sterling Studios (Shawn Mendez, Imagine Dragons, The Weeknd).

Officially formed in early 2017, Bronte Maree and Kabusii saw the project through several outfits and genres before exchanging the rehearsal room for the studio, where the duo indulge in creating music with a mix of real and software instruments. In June 2017, the Indie Pop duo saw the release of their first single Shades of Jealousy which combined their love of RnB, Soul and Electronic Music and put them on the map as a duo unafraid to push the boundaries of Pop. The pair have since been renowned for their ‘Maari Cover Sessions’, which are unique rearrangements of Contemporary Pop songs, injected with unpredictable flavours and influences that hint at the production style to expect in further original releases.



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