Josh Reck – ‘Throwing Love Away’ Single & Video

We first heard about Josh Reck in 2017, when he released his debut pop single Commitment. With an impressive music video to complement it’s banger vibe, that saw its premiere on Huffington Post. Just a month later, he released an emotional love ballad that’s just made to tear at your heart strings, called Proud. To top off 2017, he released his five track, self written debut EP Story Teller and now, he’s about to release his second music video to start off the new year, which is just the start of more music to come from Reck in 2018.

Throwing Love Away is the second track of Josh Reck’s debut EP Story Teller, it’s a massive power ballad, complete with big drums, organ and a deep love story with evocative melodies and lyrics. The music video is more like a film, with the the scenes of a troubled relationship building to the point of Reck walking out. The video is based around the concept of “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” and Josh worked closely with the director to feature a deep storyline including small details that are only noticeable after numerous plays of the video. If that wasn’t enough, Josh is also seen performing in an abandoned forest, resembling the emptiness that the relationship caused.

Throwing Love Away was recorded at Studios 301 in late 2016 with the grammy nominated producer Simon Cohen (Justin Bieber, Will.I.Am) and mastered by Leon Zervos (Pink, Rihanna, Maroon 5). Both Simon and Leon have their names on some of the biggest international and local music acts.

Throwing Love Away was a song that I always knew would be on my first album. It’s a song that has a special place in my heart because it’s a true story. It’s so real and raw when you listen closely, there’s so much within the lyrics and the emotions on the record. I’ll never forget in the studio on day one of the song, all the components were there but something was missing. We sat there for about an hour before the organ came to mind, and in that moment when we added it in the chorus, the song became what I imagined it could be.” – Josh Reck

Josh is currently in the process of recording new music for release in early to mid 2018. Upcoming shows to be announced.



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