Humming House Release Video for “Hope In My Head”

Nashville band Humming House recently released their third full-length album Companion via Soundly Music. The follow-up to 2015’s Revelries, the new album finds the Music City quartet expanding their sound into a new territory, creating sonic landscapes that remain compelling and honest while still maintaining a sense of intimacy that is derived from their roots of making music as friends all together in the same room. Today they released the video for “Hope In My Head” ahead of their homecoming show at Cannery Ballroom later this week following months of being on the road.

“The concept behind the video was first and foremost to capture a Humming House performance with a bunch of friends,” singer Justin Wade Tam told The Tennessean, who debuted the video this morning. “The different moods of the band (boredom, elation, anxiety, joy) represent various states of mind as the song clearly appeals to a sense of hope. Lyrically, I’m analyzing our insignificance in the grand scheme of existence while maintaining a personal sense of wonder. We filmed the video at Tournament Productions in East Nashville with Casey Pierce and had a complete blast.”

The story of Companion mirrors the story of the band: it’s one of collaboration, experimentation, and showing up for each other over and again. There are songs of hope and of desperation so that the prevailing mood is one of exchange and balance. While their established acoustic sound still centers the creative impulses of the songs, the added electric influence and expanded instrumentation imbue the new songs with a dynamism that is irresistible.

The lead single “Takin’ Over” was the first taste of the record to be released back in July; Baeble warned listeners “Beware, it’s wildly infectious” and Billboard called it “a lively jaunt of a tune” with “infectious ebullience.” It was followed by the album’s title track paired with a heartwarming crowd-sourced video. It debuted on Huffington Post who raved “Humming House, consistently shining as an energetic band filled with uplifting, infectious tunes, up the ante on Companion.” American Songwriter ran an article during release week featuring a special preview of the full album. They stated “The album’s 12 tracks seek to be just as the LP’s title suggests: musical companions for trying times.”

Humming House is Justin Wade Tam, Bobby Chase, Joshua Wolak, and Benjamin Jones. The band formed organically out of jam sessions that Tam held in his living room in East Nashville – evidence that some of the best projects come from spontaneous collaboration and the subsequent seeing it through. Now, three albums and six years later, Humming House continues to embody what is best about the Nashville each transplant chooses to call home.

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