Johnson Crook Release New Music Video + Album Stream

Johnson Crook wrapped up the summer with the release of their debut full-length record – aptly titled, The Album – and now they’re rolling into the fall with the premiere of their official music video for the infectious single, Minnedosa – a song about the Crook brothers’ original hometown in Manitoba. Watch the video here. Toronto fans will get to hear the song live at the end of the month when the band takes to the Rivoli stage on October 27th to get audiences up and moving to their energetic live show.

“Minnedosa is the only song on The Album that all four of us had a hand in writing,” comments the band. “Even though it specifically names the Crook brothers’ hometown of Minnedosa, Manitoba, the theme of the song is universal. We’ve all felt the pull of the big city and the need to get out of the town where we grew up. In fact, we didn’t meet until we all had moved to Toronto! The song came about one night when we were talking about our lives in Toronto, reminiscing about where we grew up, and people from back home.”

Nathan Crook remarks, “I love Minnedosa. The story in this song isn’t necessarily reflective of how we feel about the town.” His brother, Trevor, adds, “Minnedosa is like a sanctuary for me. A special place I can escape to and truly find myself again.”

It’s almost impossible not to feel a connection to Johnson Crook’s music after first hearing it. Audiences across Canada can attest to that as well, something the band acknowledges has been crucial to their development. Expect to see the band in your town at some point in the wake of the album release. Every stop brings with it a story that could become a new song, and as a group founded on the principles of equality, Johnson Crook’s creative potential is limitless.


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