Yaadcore Unveils Official Music Video for Fari Difuture’s “Farmer Man”

Today, 12 Yaad Records’ Label Founder and Masterful Reggae Selector Yaadcore unveils the latest project from his label, which celebrates Jamaica’s thriving music scene and cultural roots. Releasing a complete re-master of hit track dubbed ‘Farmer Man’, artistic progeny of emerging Reggae icon Fari DiFuture, Yaadcore continues to push the envelope with his latest release and collaboration.

Let Me Tell You About My Island: Deeply rooted in Rastafari beliefs and principles, recording artist and master lyricist Fari Di Future has manifested the philosophy of the H.O.W.K.L.E.A.R Movement, Heights Of Wisdom-Know, Learn, Execute & Rise, to deliver a breathtaking and humble video for “Farmer Man”. A delicate balance evident in the direction of the video highlights socio-cultural and political issues facing Jamaica while celebrating the island’s proudest characteristics – pulsating rhythms, vibrant culture, flavorful cuisine and local fare.

Poignant shots of the Jamaican countryside punctuate the video as it pans through scenes of Fari DiFuture singing atop a factory shipping pallet or leisurely blowing smoke beneath the shade of a mango tree. The director utilizes sweeping views of the breathtaking island to supplement the visually stunning masterpiece, reinforcing the key themes in the songs lyrics.

Interwoven into the narrative are reels of ginger, coffee and other Jamaican exports juxtaposed against controversial shots of the island’s Prime Minister and angry crowds in protest, while a farmer reaps his harvest (later delivered by Fari DiFuture to a local market). ‘Farmer Boy’ serves as an exposé on real troubles Jamaica is currently confronting – touching on poverty, civil unrest, and agriculture – while paying homage to the natural riches Jamaica possesses, found nowhere else in the world.

Fari DiFuture exhibits both mastery and skill as an artist, expressing fluency and vocal range on a variety of topics, which promote sustainable levity; celebrate the island flavor and cuisine; discuss the reality of impending natural disasters, to the non-appreciation of the lambs breath and the burning of ganja trees, which remains contradictory, as to date, marijuana remains synonymous with tourism and branding.

Looking ahead Fari DiFuture alongside Yaadcore will continue to be the voice of Jamaica through their upcoming projects — Stay up to date on 12 Yaad Records and its collective of artists!

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