#TBT Music Video From Stephanie Joy “Letting Go”

Stephanie Joy has released the video for her first single “Letting Go”, off her solo EP ‘Walk Your Road’ on the Novanglus Records label.

“The track “Letting Go” is about giving it all to God. When you’re ready to give up hope, He is the only One who will lead you through whatever you are facing. The Christian life and road are not easy, it is a straight and narrow path and there is no way that we will make it, as we walk this road, without Christ leading us through.” says Stephanie.

“This song is important to me personally because we have all been there…it’s a real world that we live in and we have real problems that we all face. We are either going to have the courage to trust in God to work out all things together for good as scripture says, or we are not going to make it. We have to cast our cares upon Him, let go of reason and doubt, and have faith in the One who will always do that which is right and that which is for our good.”



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