Sam Michael Trowse – ‘The Reason Why’ Single

Sam Michael Trowse (AKA Johnny) also known as Sam Trowse or Johnny Edison is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, and drummer from Melbourne, Australia.

Sam grew up in Adelaide and later moved to Canada, and then Melbourne. He formerly played in a number of bands doing the gig circuit in Adelaide Australia, as well as Vancouver and Calgary in Canada, Sam now concentrates on his solo music in Melbourne.

‘The Reason Why’ is about love/hate relationships, and the lyrics are a viewpoint from inside a relationship. The thoughtful musical arrangement and reverb washed guitars give space to the lyrics and vocal emotions. The track describes various relationship issues and someone that might be experiencing domestic violence. If someone is in an abusive relationship, often they need support to find a way out. Sam has been a supporter of the White Ribbon Campaign, and advocates equality.

Sam is predominantly associated with rock songs possessing hooks galore. Writing songs about modern takes on life, where relationships, travel, consumerism, choice in lifestyle and domestic violence have all been topics of conversation.

Sam’s writing inspiration comes from observations, the cities he has lived in and life experiences, which manifests and is then excreted through well-constructed and catchy songs. Melbourne is a real creative and inspirational hub, the city is full or visual and musical artists to collaborate and play gigs with.

The track was recorded at Keep it Real Studio South Australia, where Sam collaborated with Tom Burgess SA band manager, producer, and musician extraordinaire.

‘The Reason Why’ will be in Digital Stores on the 29th of September.



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