Old Man Canyon Releases Music Video for “In My Head” 

Vancouver’s Old Man Canyon releases the dreamy music video for their single, In My Head. The video brings light to the inner dialogue that happens in our minds, with each decision or thought, and how that ‘story’ ultimately governs the way one perceives the world and themselves.

Vancouver-based collective, ROOM, to produce and direct the music video. Early on in the process, they felt the video wanted to paint a picture of someone becoming reliant on a substance, but in a way that depicted the addiction as more of an obsession to the ability the drug gives them – to re-visit their most treasured memories. The lo-fi dreamy visual style that was used was aimed to help the viewer step into the chaos of characters, and gain a sense of what it feels like to lose a real sense of reality.

“On its surface this video is the story of two people on a journey of total self-implosion,” comments Jett. “On a deeper level, it is the common tale of a person whose refusal to move on from their past, costs them the ability to ever witness what’s right in front of them.”

Born from the inner mind of front man and Vancouver-native, Jett Pace, Old Man Canyon emerged on the alternative scene in early 2012. The debut EP, Phantoms and Friends, earned rave reviews, while songs were featured in the MTV series, Awkward, Showtime’s Shameless, Bravo’s Suits, ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, FX’s Sons of Anarchy and many more.

Jett then started the debut full-length album, Delirium, in the solitude of his basement, recording all the instruments in a tiny studio.  He ended up with over 300 songs. While Phantoms & Friends is rooted in a folk-pop sound, comparable to acts such as Chet Faker and Fleet Foxes, Delirium is an evolution in style and genre, bringing new elements and evolution to the sonic space. Delirium finds Jett phasing in vintage synths and electric instruments. It makes for a hazy, psychedelic kaleidoscope.

Stay tuned for more from Old Many Canyon coming this year!


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