New Music Video From Lyrica Anderson – “Don’t Take It Personal”

Singer and Song writer Lyrica Anderson is shining brighter than ever in her new music video for her sexy and dangerous new single “Don’t Take It Personal.” The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star has been creating quite the buzz and stir outside of the VH1 franchise by heating up the radio waves as well as music streaming services.

The brilliantly shot music video finds Lyrica in her coldest element, juggling the hearts of two totally invested men as a result of her frequent let downs from men in her past. From there, Lyrica’s double life spirals out of control and the story takes a dramatic turn when the scene instantly ends with a crazy cliff hanger accompanied by a “to be continued” alert.

Songwriter-to-the-stars and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member Lyrica Anderson made her solo debut a few years back with Hello, then followed up this spring with Nasha Pearl. The cinematic video for “Don’t Take It Personal” finds the R&B singer walking a delicate line between love and the law – but it’s really only the first one that matters. “I don’t believe it when you say I’m the only one,” she says, that’s why I do you wrong!”

Lyrica Anderson is a rising recording artist and an accomplished songwriter. In addition to her own work on the Interscope label she’s collaborated with numerous artists like Beyoncé “Jealous”, Wiz Khalifa, Jennifer Hudson “Walk It Out”, Chris Brown,Tinashe “Pretend” Ft. ASAP Rocky, Jennifer Lopez, Diggy Simmons, Britney Spears & Demi Lovato,just to name a few. In her young career so far she’s had a #1charting record on Billboard by the artist Charice feat. Iyaz “Pyramid” and two more on Demi Lovato’s Unbroken album.As far as producers go she’s worked with some of the biggest in the industry, including Dr Dre and Timbaland. She has released ‘King Me”, “King Me 2”, with King Me 3 currently in the works.


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