CRANE, Release Unique Music Video From Their New Album “Fear of Flight”

Alternative/pop act, CRANE, release their video, “Bitches Upstate” from their new album Fear of Flight. The debut “has a distinctly recognizable sound while also seamlessly incorporating elements from a wide variety of genres throughout the record, from electronic to hip-hop to punk. The band has been tirelessly working on the record for over a year, and is proud to begin their collective venture into the Los Angeles music scene and beyond.” (Ouch That Hertz)

CRANE is comprised of central writer/vocalist/pianist/guitarist, Bobby Crane, Jesse Rhodes  (backup vocals, electric guitar/ Ableton Launch), Jeremy Bauer (bass) and Billy Parks (drums). The band’s creation began when Crane decided to take his recordings from his bedroom and into the studio. In early 2016 at The Abstract Recording Studios in Los Angeles, Crane worked with producers Rhodes and Einhorn who decided to unite as a band when they felt the chemistry and synergy between them. Crane followed up with the recruitment of Parks and together they started to work on their live performances. They soon released their first single, “Fast Life” in September of 2016, and released the music video for “Fast Life” in February 2017. Since then, the band went on to release their six-song EP, Fear of Flight. Influenced by Jon Bellion, Black Keys, Thom Yorke, and Twenty One Pilots, CRANE creates uplifting, fun, soulful tracks  that “will take listeners through a range of genres from electronic and Hip-Hop to punk.” (Enter the Venture)

CRANE is set to drop new videos throughout the summer, so keep your eyes peeled for more material and announcements.

Instagram: @CRANE_music
Twitter: @CRANE_music

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