International Pop Artist Ozark Henry Releases New Single In The U.S.

Earlier this year, singer-songwriter, Ozark Henry, released his electronic pop album, Us to great acclaim, with critics calling it “a manifesto one can dance to, rich as life itself” and “a genuine masterpiece.” Building off this momentum, he has just released his first single from the album, “A Dream That Never Stops“, in U.S.

The song’s chorus starts with “Words could actually start destroying what you worked so hard to create…” This applies to government as well. Henry says, “More than ever, politicians have become immoral lobbyists, lying about whatever can help them achieve their goals. Tax breaks for big corporations and the wealthy, fewer rules and regulations within the banking industry, elimination of health care, and so on and so forth. These figures, like Trump and his administration and those behind Brexit, are recklessly spreading damaging lies via social media, speeches and press conferences. Lies few check, lies some people take for fact.” Ozark Henry urges his listeners to no longer be complacent in their consumption of media, social or otherwise and to look beyond simplistic headlines and misleading tweets.

“A Dream That Never Stops”, produced by Tim Bran (London Grammar, Birdy, The Verve), is both very now and very vintage. Using old-school trip-hop with a solid dose of electro-pop, it evokes the R&B-fusion style honed by Marvin Gaye during his time in Ozark’s home country of Belgium.  Reminiscent of The XX, James Blake and Frances and the Lights, the track features upbeat drums, lush piano chords, and Ozark’s warm tone.

Ozark Henry on the interwebs:

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