Album Stream: Glacci – ‘Lifeforce’ LP – Out Now on Terrorhythm

Nottingham-based producer Glacci returns to Terrorhtyhm for his debut album, ‘Lifeforce’, almost 18 months on from sparkling debut EP, ‘Lucid’.

A record long-in-the-making, written over a period of extensive fine-tuning of his crystalline, trap-grime sound, ‘Lifeforce’ lands as Glacci’s second release proper and forms both a natural and ambitious extension of the themes explored on ‘Lucid’. “Lifeforce is an album about life, death and love”, he explains.

Right from the opening bars of glistening, euphoric opener ‘Apathy’, the album welcomes you into a fantasia-like world of shimmering melodies and immersive soundscapes that mask a hidden darkness below the surface. Second track ‘Death Dealer’, described by label boss Plastician as “one of the best songs I’ve released on the label in 15 years”, embodies those sentiments most emphatically, shifting out of emboldened 808 bass patterns and into shadowy periods of uncertainty designed to push and pull on emotions. “It was written during a hard time in my life”, Glacci says.

Inspired by ‘a blend of electronic music, metal, noise and psychedelia’, Glacci’s hi-def, widescreen approach is a constant source of inspiration too, even on the spiralling club heat of tracks like ‘Mirror Cluster’, which is immediately off-set by the sugary tranquility of ‘Lust Pattern’. Despite differences in tone and intention, every track on ‘Lifeforce’ feels thematically adjoined to the next.

Collaborations on the album include scorching grime hybrid ‘Spirals’, which features Liquid Ritual’s Kareful — a figurehead for the blossoming, net-inspired wave scene — Dutch producer Deon Custom and Brighton up-and-comer, Lapsung.

“I wanted the record to feel like a journey through another realm with each track being a stage in the process”, Glacci says of an album ready to make its mark on 2017.


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