JAHN ROME Releases “Safe & Sound”

A storyteller at heart, singer/rapper/songwriter Jahn Rome digs into a story of childhood isolation with “Safe And Sound.” Exploring themes of introspection and the social impact of willing choosing to be alone, Jahn picks apart the underpinnings of ‘shyness,’ and towards the sensation of being disconnected from one’s own friends. It’s powerful songwriting that proves hip-hop and RnB as fertile ground for narrative, as Jahn Rome effortlessly brings you into his world once again.

“I’ve been the reason why friendships ended too many times. I get caught up in my own time. I used to think I was incredibly selfish, and while I still grapple with that, I realize that being an introvert simply comes with downsides. Hopefully other introverts can appreciate this message, and extroverts can appreciate the insight.”
– Jahn, on writing “Safe & Sound”

“Safe & Sound” 🎮 Spotify  Apple Free Download

Produced by @kojomakesmusic @nickyquinnmusic
Mixed & Mastered by @kojomakesmusic
Recorded @hardpink

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