Xan Griffin Releases Indie-Pop Single “Cancer” as Newest Zodiac Project Unveiling

Releasing the second element to his year-long Zodiac project, Xan Griffin captures his experiences with those who identify as a Cancer sign in the synonymous single “Cancer” featuring Emilia Ali.

A 180-degree stylistic spin from his previous release and the first single to be launched from the Zodiac project in “Gemini,” Xan’s “Cancer” utilizes Emilia Ali’s silky and decadent voice to mix with his own talents and create a tune that embodies a Cancer’s apparent emotion and sensuality. The introspective depth of the soothing song gives any listener and fan an enhanced insight into Xan’s own world of conflicting and complementing personalities, as well as those around him.

I based this song off the character of a cancer of course. It is a water sign meaning very into their feelings and intimate. This song is so much different from others I have made because it is a major mood change from raging synths and huge build-ups to an intimate sensual track that represents this water sign. The lyrics also portray the characteristic of the cancer of sometimes getting attached too quickly to a lover and getting many chances.”

One can only anticipate more excellent releases in the following months of the Zodiac project.

Facebook: facebook.com/Xan.griffin
Twitter: twitter.com/Xan_griffin |
Instagram: instagram.com/xan.griffin/

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