Leitvox Shares “Pale Love” Short Movie About the Search of Questions rather than Answers

‘Pale Love’ is a short film produced and directed by the music producer Christian Cooley (AKA Leitvox). The film tells a story about a woman that takes a journey to a distant planet in search of questions rather than answers; to understand the importance of being able to step away from assumption, cultivate doubt and find pleasure in mystery.

This animated piece is developed in various environments starting with motion particles that are modulated by a human voice, then the story takes you to a surreal place with a woman’s figure playing with shapes of light generating an atmosphere where she contemplates unfamiliar objects and worlds. The animation and design apply various color techniques that create depth, strong tones and solarized textures in this psychedelic-style short film.

The short is dynamic in it’s duality, the music (by Leitvox) intimately supporting the video, and the film itself tailored to the music, making everything fit together seamlessly.

Christian Cooley works and operates out of the Wynwood arts district in Miami, where aside from short films such this one, he produces music as Leitvox, records other artists at his Bamyasi studios and manages Carbon Wynwood.


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