New Music From INDO “My Head” + Free Download

LA based electronic producer INDO is happy to announce the release of his new track “My Head” now available on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud. “My Head” is an uplifting dance music track that infuses elements of moombahton, electro and glitch in order to create a fresh, new forward-thinking sound. Each breakdown of “My Head” strategically takes the listener to a soulful state of mind before dropping raw bass infused energy. “My Head” is a reaction to what is going on in INDO’s head as an artist. INDO creates a unique experience for listeners that is a contrast from the typical EDM fare, and elevates their state of mind in the process. This is the basis of INDO’s Get Lifted movement which is a theme of his music and brand. The lyrics “Can I stay in my head” speaks to the goal INDO has as a producer which is to stay true to his artistic vision, and to not give in to what might be the most popular sound of the moment. As such INDO delivers a song which has the ability to ultimately withstand the test of time.



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