Album Review: So Sick Social Club “Dead Friends Don’t Tell” (Hip-Hop/Rock)

By Chad Thomas Carsten – 5/5 Dragons
From April 2017 Vandala Magazine 

Hollywood Undead meets Gwar, incorporated with gang vocals, silly humor that may be inspired by the Garbage Pail Kids, and the rhyming schemes of The Beastie Boys. Sponsored by Jägermeister , So Sick Social Club’s “Dead Friends Don’t Tell”, defines the meaning of Hip-Opera and with Impressive guest features that include Onyx, Necro, Slaine of La Coka Nostra, Jason Rock Of Slaves Of Dope and even Mad Child of Swollen Members, hip-hop heads won’t be able to skip this release. With the haunting Horror-Pop melodies of Chris So Sick and the rocking riffs of Voodoo Drew, So Sick Social Club breathe new life into Horrorcore and will lead the pure-hearted into the darkness forever.

The debut single “Sweet Nothing” (The Reel Wolf Remix) will be stuck in your head for days thanks to sadness that pours out from lead vocalist Chris. Indisputablytheir catchiest hook to date; “I demand to abuse you, so what if we lose you, it’s a pleasure to do so”. Plus Onyx, Psych Ward, & Bishop Brigante destroy this track! “So how would you react if I was to tell you I was going to die right now?” sings rapper Hopsin for the opening of “Flicker”. Another beast of a track about suicide. It also features the comeback of Dead Celebrity Status, who are the stars for this one, they tore this track apart! “Flicker” is destined to become a personal favorite among underground fans worldwide.

The title track “Dead Friends Don’t Tell” proves Chris “So Sick” is one hell of a vocalist and will cause some tears to shed. Super emotional hook! Guest rapper Peter Jackson even brings his own personal sadness to the table for this classic! “Would you like to join me?”, asks Drew on the 1980′s horror movie inspired synth anthem, “In My Basement”; a track that invites the listener to a serial killers basement simply to witness the slaughter and perhaps film the murder scene with the band? Teaming up on this track is Wicked-Shit Canadian veteran J-Reno, who’s wordplay will convince new listeners that he actually does this in his own home and maybe he does?! “Blood on the Walls” (Featuring Sean Strange) is a battle cry about escaping a mental asylum and best represents who So Sick Social Club are as a group! Voodoo brings forth Slipknot style riffs and Chris continues justifying his talent, with his most frightening chorus yet; “There’s blood on the walls these kids have some issues, you look away because the truth will disgust you. This marks the day the world chose to end you, let me out because I want to go home”.

In general, So Sick Social Club’s latest release “Dead Friends Don’t Tell” will leave horror hounds breathless in the graveyard. Tom Savini will be pleased. Horror movie fan’s worldwide don’t sleep and be careful what you wish for.

So Sick Club Online:

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