Sing Say – ‘Hero Artist’ Single & Video

These comic book rockers have been experimenting with mediums including music performance, animation, illustration and video games. As the Comic Book EP is the first stage for the band, the public can expect to delve further into the canon which Sing Say have created.

Their biggest win to date is publishing their own comic EP The Story So Far… featuring three of their own published tracks. The comic book was self illustrated by their very own Dan Heck (drummer), who is also known for working with Tech Girls are Superheroes, a non for profit organisation that has worked alongside Microsoft, Google, IBM and various technological companies gaining a lot of momentum (available in all Australian Primary Schools).

As to be expected, the Comic Book EP is only the start for Sing Say whose future could see a trans-media universe built by the members and community alike.

Their second single, “Hero Artist” is a reggae-rock homage. Catchy, syncopated pop hooks bounce along to a backing track dedicated to The Clash. This song is a gig favourite for fans as they witness Dan Heck (D. Mandel) sing and drum even as the song goes into double time.

“Hero Artist” explores the rise and fall of famous MechaCity rock legends, the ‘Decomposers’, and the initiation of the government cleanse. The bugLord is the governing force in the Sing Say saga, and is bent on a completely uniform and productive society. Creativity is seen to be a threat, and artists and musicians who do not adhere to government regulation are imprisoned and outlawed. The Decomposers are the first victims of the bugLord, and are killed and buried – declared suicide.

Pixel (Sam McConochie) wrote the bass line, guitar ideas and general beat in a dodgy demo project on Ableton. He brought the song to Dan (D.Mandel) and Sam (Siddy) and it became something. D. Mandel features on the lead vox and drum kit, with Sam as the Electric Guitar Metronome. This goes to show what a live band can achieve groove wise. Electronic is great, but collaboration and a good jam goes a long way. Recorded at SAE Brisbane by Allery Pope, Mixed/ Mastered by Gareth David at Tall Poppy and Produced by Sam McConochie. This song once a music doodling from Pixel, became something, but only because of the effort involved by the band and engineers. It’s great to see how something evolves, and how different people look at collaboration.

“Hero Artist” by SING SAY will be released 31st of March 2017


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