Album Review: Austra – Future Politics (Electronic)


By Michael Smith – 4.5/5 Dragons
From Jan/Feb 2017 Vandala Magazine 

When writing began on the album, Austra saw a world headed for dystopia, and for the people to imagine the world becoming something different. A place where gender, sexual orientation, and ourselves have no definition. Where we don’t accept there only being one way to live our lives, and society is not controlled by money and the few that have the majority of it. A belief is something that may not exist yet, but can in the future where anything can happen.

With that, she has crafted a symphonic treat of synth-pop, layered with dancey grooves, a pinch of darkness and her lush vocal, carrying listeners through the strongest release of her career. Future politics has the makings to contact this artist beyond the world of college radio, and (with hope) spread a vision of hope for a future to a large audience ready to hear it.


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